Developer Groups Updates

NewEconoLabs (NEL) are hosting the first NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition, which opened on May 1st and closes August 15th. Thus far, 120 teams have registered for the competition. ¥3,500,000 worth of GAS prizes are up for grabs across 39 awards.

Anthony de Meulemeester won the CoZ consensus bounty for his work on HondeyBadger BFT, an asynchronous consensus algorithm. Additionally, de Meulemeester is the creator and project maintainer of neo-go, a full working NEO port that includes a light node, consensus node, virtual machine and compiler.

General Project Updates

Switcheo issued a guide on trading through its decentralized exchange (DEX) with a Ledger Nano S. Users will need to ensure they have installed Ledger firmware v1.4.2 or above and NEO Ledger application v1.3.1 or above. Device firmware must be upgraded before the application.

Ontology published an FAQ regarding the upcoming ONT MainNet swap. There will be two methods ONT token holders can utilize to map and migrate to MainNet: an exchange-based swap, or a manual swap. Additionally, Ontology partnered with CarBlock, a blockchain-based transportation solution that utilizes data generated by smart devices, which aims to serve the connected vehicle industry.

QLC Chain released its yellow paper, which explains the technical structure, features, and advantages of its blockchain. The yellow paper describes the development of its Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solutions through the multidimensional Block Lattice, smart contract support, and dual consensus model.

Alchemint will burn 3,055,070.85 SDT tokens after an issue with its early bird and public token sale, which took place on the LeekICO platform. A system update caused inconsistencies, which allowed users in restricted areas to participate in the token sale, as well as allowed users to contribute beyond personal cap limitations. Additionally, the SDT token withdrawal date has been postponed to June 23.

Neon Exchange (NEX) and City of Zion (CoZ) co-founder, Fabio Canesin, addressed community concerns about minimal progress updates that pertain to the NEX decentralized trading platform. NEX made the decision to register its token as a European Security to ensure full compliance and protect investors. The process of receiving final approval from the Financial Market Authority has taken longer than expected, forcing NEX to delay its token sale. Development progress has continued, and beta testers might be selected among the pool of lottery winners as early as June 18th.


Effect.AI partnered with Civic, a secure identity provider. The partnership will allow Effect.AI to “leverage Civic’s Secure Identity Platform to accurately identify unique skills of individual Workers on the Effect Force micro task platform.”

DeepBrain Chain partnered with SingularityNET, a platform that aims to address one of the limiting factors of artificial intelligence (AI) growth – a lack of interoperability – by allowing AIs to “cooperate and coordinate at scale.” Additionally, the two projects have agreed to collaborate with universities to share their work with the next generation of AI developers and computer scientists.

BizShake partnered with Bounty0x, a “trustless global bounty platform enabling hosts to post bounties and hunters to complete them.” BizShake will utilize the Bounty0x portal to release new tasks at the beginning of each month. The bounty program will last until the Wednesday, October 31st. Up to 3.75 million BZS tokens (equivalent of $1.5 million USD) will be rewarded to bounty participants over the course of the campaign.

Asura Coin partnered with Fujian eGaming Tournament Group, which hosts eGaming events for mobile game: King of Glory. Additionally, Asura Coin will be adding PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite to its platform. Asura Coin is an eSports platform to be built on the NEO blockchain that will allow gamers to “bet, compete, learn, discuss, and earn.”

THEKEY partnered with Taikang Group, which operates across insurance, asset management, and health and elderly care sectors, and has ranked in “China’s top 500 companies” 14 years in a row. THEKEY will provide Taikang Group an integrated solution for Identity Verification (IDV), Medical Term Standardization (MTS) and Claim Process Automation (CPA) for the settlement of commercial insurance.

QLC Chain partnered with DWS Wi-Fi. DWS is a decentralized Wi-Fi sharing blockchain-based ecosystem that provides the ability for Wi-Fi router owners to share access to their network, guest users to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, and provides advertisement opportunities through the previous two venues.

Tech Updates

Bridge replaced its IAM token with the new TOLL token, which was upgraded to allow Bridge to be immediately compatible with Switcheo and “more consistent with the branding and utility needs of Bridge Protocol.” A snapshot of NEO wallets was taken on June 13th, and tokens automatically distributed on a 1:1 ratio.

Gagapay Network announced its GTA token will be accepted as a method of payment on its sister project and crypto payment platform, Gagapay Network is a “smart marketing” platform that aims to allow users to create their own affiliate, referral and network marketing, loyalty and bounty programs powered by smart contracts. is scheduled to be released in Quarter 3 of 2018.

Travala released travel booking platform version 1 on its TestNet. The initial alpha build of Travala was released on March 23rd in the lead up to its token sale. Since then, Travala have added new features and redeveloped the backend to improve the uptake of hotel listings.

Token Sales and Airdrops

Imusify’s token sale has been delayed to August 1, 2018. The blockchain-based music platform is waiting for the release of NEP-7, which will allow NEO smart contracts to automatically execute operations on the blockchain, triggered by NEO or GAS transactions. Additionally, imusify will trade on Switcheo when the token sale reaches its conclusion.


Zeepin is hosting a community meetup in Singapore from 18:00 to 21:00 on Tuesday, June 19th. The theme of the event is “Design of Business, Business of Design on Blockchain – Solutions for efficient work of future creatives.” There will be no registration fee, and food and drinks will be provided.

NEO is holding a community meetup and workshop in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday, June 20th. The meetup will feature presentations from NEO ecosystem projects Alchemint, Safeguard and Barrel, whilst NEO developer, Peter Lin, will host a development workshop. There will be no registration fee.

Imusify is conducting a song writing contest that will offer participants the chance to win 20 SBD and 1,000 IMU tokens. Entrants are required to upload the video recording to YouTube, Vimeo or dTube, and post on Steemit using the #imusify tag. Entries will be closed on Monday, June 25th.

Ontology is organizing its first meetup in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday, June 30th from 14:30 to 17:00. The team will introduce the company’s vision, projects, and community development with the audience. There will be no registration fee for the event.

Exchange Listings

Splyse’s Master Contract Token (MCT) was listed on and was also listed on BitBTC.

Bridge’s TOLL token was listed on Switcheo.