Ontology has released guidelines for technical community contributions, which also includes information on compensation and the standard process for making contributions. The guidelines solely focus on technical contributions (such as code contributions and decentralized applications [dApps]), not facilitating events, community management, or document translation.

The Ontology team seeks to build a highly engaged, quality community through participation and collaboration. Community contributors are encouraged to form independent groups to develop and manage contributions. Groups or individual contributors can structure themselves how they like, but Ontology requests a single point of contact with someone who represents the interests of the group.

To manage contributions, Ontology aims to develop an index to manage potential and ongoing projects in an understandable way for investors and contributors to comprehend. Development ideas will be divided into three categories:

  1. Ontology enhancement protocols (OEP),
  2. Code contribution, and
  3. dApps.

Instructions for uploading individual or group contributions for OEPs, code contributions, or dApps can be found at the following link:



For compensation, contributions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Ontology Technical Committee, and receive final approval by the Ontology Council. Compensation will be distributed upon project completion and after evaluation, and assessed by the following factors:


  • Number of people/teams involved and their technical expertise
  • Total amount of man-hours
  • Project duration
  • Involvement of community/Ontology Technical Committee

Projects degree of difficulty

  • Technology
  • Design and architecture
  • Requirements
  • Scope

Overall risk severity

  • Impact
  • Likelihood

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