Gagapay Network recently announced that its GTA token will be accepted as a method of payment on its sister project and crypto payment platform, is the main project of, who also launched cloud mining platform in May 2017. has a vision of creating “one platform of integrated crypto services” that would give its users the “convenience of not having to join different platforms for storing, exchanging, earning and spending their crypto”.

All of’s projects will be integrated with, which is a “platform for storing Bitcoin, altcoins and tokens, exchanging them and spending them via pre-paid cards and mobile payments.” is already using the platform for its billing engine and payouts, and Gagapay has also struck a partnership with NEO ecosystem project, Quarteria, who will make use of its payment platform.

Gagapay Network is a “smart marketing” platform being built on NEO. It aims to allow users to create their own affiliate, referral and network marketing, loyalty and bounty programs powered by smart contracts. Gagapay Network had already announced that they would integrate the platform to allow users access to crypto payments and prepaid cards for spending off-platform. However, they have now also revealed that Gagapay Network’s GTA token will be accepted as a payment method for commission feesĀ on Paying in GTA will also grant users discounts on:

  • Platform fees for internal exchange between crypto wallets;
  • Fees for deposits and withdrawals.

The Gagapay Network team hope thatĀ pairing the smart marketing platform with prepaid cards and mobile payments through will accelerate the adoption of Gagapay Network platform among those yet not holding any cryptocurrencies. is scheduled to be released in Quarter 3 of 2018.

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