On May 19, 2018, Quarteria, a real estate search and transaction platform, announced a partnership with Gagapay, an affiliate marketing and referral platform. Both organisations are building on the NEO blockchain.

Quarteria seeks to develop a real estate platform that allows users to list residential or commercial properties for sale, lease, or auction. The staking token of the platform is the XQTA, which is what large stakeholders (referred to as “QuartMasters”) hold as incentive to review all transactions and act as a decentralized third party for escrow. Through this model, Quarteria aims to provide a low-fee platform that supports the whole real estate life cycle from advertising to transfer of property.

Gagapay is an affiliate program and referral smart contract platform. The platform will also provide network marketing, loyalty, and bounty programs under a single account. The internal currency and utility token of the platform is GTA, which can be used to unlock specific features and reduce commission fees.

According to the announcement, Gagapay will seek to implement mobile payments and accept prepaid crypto cards (Mastercard and Union Pay). Therefore, Quarteria seeks to utilize Gagapay as a payment service for their real estate market platform. The two development teams are also exploring other potential partnerships as they share common technological goals.

For more information about Gagapay and Quarteria follow the links below.