Zeepin have announced that the open beta version of their ZeeRights application will be online late May in preparation for beta testing. ZeeRights is a creative assets digitization, copyright registration, and copyright transaction platform.

The ZeeRights platform will enable the following functionalities.

Copyright Registration

Creators can register a record of copyright ownership by uploading their work to the ZeeRights platform. This creates a digitized representation of the asset, or a “digital certificate”, featuring it’s own unique hash.

Example: A photographer could register copyright of an image.

Purchase of Usage Rights

Creators can create usage licences for their work using “Copyright Pro”, allowing other entities to purchase the rights to use the copyrighted material. Usage right may include stipulations such as commercial capacity, royalty rights, regional restrictions, usage duration or complete ownership of the copyright. Blockchain enables the distribution, recording and management of these licenses.

Example: A photographer could create a licence that allows an end user to purchase rights to use their image in a commercial capacity for 12 months licence.

Transaction Market

All registered assets will be available in the “Transaction Market”, which is a searchable marketplace that allows for easy discovery and purchase of copyright usage licences. Through this marketplace, Zeepin aim to facilitate a more convenient and transparent method for copyright transactions.

Example: End users could search the marketplace for a suitable image for an advertising campaign.

Zeepin are inviting community members who have experience in the creative industry to join the beta test and help improve the platform through feedback and suggestions. Those who are interested are encouraged to join the Zeepin Telegram for further updates.

Telegram link and more information on Zeepin can be found below.