Effect.ai, a decentralized artificial intelligence platform, recently opened the pre-registration process for its Effect Force decentralized mechanical turk platform. The announcement was one of many updates made by the platform, including its participation of The Next Web (TNW) conference that will be held in Amsterdam, May 24.

The Effect Force decentralized mechanical turk is a marketplace that connects AI developers to paid contributors on the platform. Its primary purpose is to use human intelligence to train AI algorithms through the completion of tasks that cannot be done by computers. Developers join the platform as requestors and then post job offers. These job offers are called Human Intelligence Tasks or HITs. To complete the HITs posted by requestors, users sign up to the site as workers and are paid in EFX tokens, the platform’s internal currency. Requestors and workers then come to an agreement for how each HIT is worth. Once the HIT is complete, the EFX tokens provided by the requestor in escrow are delivered to the worker. The results can then be used to train the developer’s AI algorithm, offering a mutually beneficial outcome for both participants in the ecosystem.

Effect Force offers developers a scalable and distributed workforce that is provided on demand. The platform was also designed to be flexible and targeted towards the most qualified workers. HITs can be filtered based on certain criteria, like gender, age, location, and other requirements. When these filters are used, only qualified workers will be able to see and apply for the HIT job listing.

In addition to human intelligence, HIT can also be fulfilled by artificial intelligence, or bots that run on the platform. Bot developers can then be rewarded for their creation of functional algorithms, paid upon completion of the HIT. Creating and sustaining these algorithms is tied into the Effect Network’s next phase, named the Effect Smart Market. The new marketplace will be a decentralized platform where people can offer and buy AI services; allowing AI developers to sell, rent, or donate their services for payment with the Effect token.

The pre-registration process for Effect Force allows people to be notified once the alpha version is released. Signing up for the alpha is straightforward: enter the Effect AI Telegram channel and type @EffectRegistrationBot. You will then receive a registration link from the Effect.AI bot to complete the registration process.

Pre-Registration for the platform closes on May 31st.

More information on Effect.ai can be found at the links below.