On May 22nd, Zeepin released CryptoGalaxy Beta 1.4, their first update since the game launched on April 23rd. CryptoGalaxy is a game that allows players to buy unique planets and mine them for ‘minerals’, which can be converted into GALA, the game’s native currency.

40 new planets have been released each week, and so far have sold out in a matter of seconds. The update feature two new ‘Galabots’ which can be used to mine minerals. The new Galabots have different attributes for extracting minerals from a planet, such as faster productivity, larger capacity, and new mineral detection. Additionally, two new minerals were released in conjunction with the Galabots.

Zeepin has also developed GalaxyEX, an exchange for users to store and trade minerals for GALA tokens. In the v1.4 update, when users collect minerals, they will not immediately be converted to GALA, but kept separate for the player to exchange when ready.

Road Map

Zeepin has outlined their short term goals which include achieving the following updates by mid June:

  • Add the functionality to use Zeepin tokens (ZPT) for planet attribute upgrades
  • Allow Galabot upgrades
  • Add the ability to hold ZPT in your Galaxy wallet to earn GALA.

By mid July the developers hope to launch:

  • Spaceship exploration to acquire new planets
  • Planet trading through GalaxyEX.

CryptoGalaxy can be downloaded from cryptogalaxy.one on iOS and Android.

More information on CryptoGalaxy and Zeepin can be found at the links bellow.