Alphacat has announced an “in-depth strategic cooperation” with FormulA, a project that aims to build the “Internet of Assets” and is supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The FormulA project is “committed to building a credible asset value exchange network” where “real assets can be trusted and safely registered and circulated, and the bridge between real assets and digital assets can be opened to let real assets be digitalized and enhanced to achieve asset digitalization”

The Alphacat project aims to build an ecosystem of AI financial services through its ACAT store on the NEO blockchain. Developers will be able to use the tools provided by Alphacat to develop their own applications for publishing on the ACAT store. Core applications will include robots advisors that can predict or automatically trade cryptocurrencies, but the team plan to extend support other financial instruments.

FormulA were attracted to the Alphacat platform for its patented artificial intelligence technology, the ACAT database, and the ACAT engine. According to David Brown, global partner of the FML Foundation, Alphacat is “the most advanced A.I. robo-advisor marketplace, having the ability to provide a complete ecosystem based on digital asset financial applications and services, and further upgrading and innovating the fintech industry. Its biggest advantage is that it can provide decision-making basis for all levels of investors, and it can be used by large financial institutions or ordinary users. Launching on the ACAT Store is just the first step in our cooperation.”

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