Thor and Travala have announced a strategic partnership that will give Travala’s travel service providers access to the Thor workforce.

Travala is an online travel booking platform built on the NEO platform, that aims to become the first decentralized global travel marketplace to be a one-stop shop for all travel related services.

At its core, Thor is a NEO based platform that aims to allow participants in the ‘gig’ economy to find work. The gig economy is comprised of freelancers, contractors, temps, and on-demand workers who are generally hired on short contracts or for individual tasks. A major benefit of the Thor platform is that it will offer contractors group policy healthcare, using the collective buying power of the ecosystem to subsidise the cost of the plans.

Although the technical details of the partnership implementation have not been finalised, Travala aim to enable access to the Thor workforce directly from the Travala platform. For example, hotel providers could access contract employees at times of high season, which in turn will reduce costs for those suppliers and provide a more sustainable system within the travel sector.

Co-founder of, Matthew Luczynski said, “Partnering with Thor made logical sense for Travala. We aim to create a smart travel ecosystem that covers all angles including optimizing suppliers workforce. By enabling our supplier to have direct access to the Thor gig economy, our suppliers will never be left under-staffed. We are pleased to be partnering with such a strong and capable team.”

Thor CEO, David Chin, also commented, “We are very excited to partner with Travala. They’re a smart team building a great project, and their platform would be of great use to the contractors in our network, just as our platform could help independent contractors using theirs.”

More information on Thor and Travala can be found at the links below.