Ontology recently announced a partnership with Contentos, a globally decentralized ecosystem for digital content. Contentos aims to build a distributed digital content platform that will allow created value to be returned to content creators.

By building on a broad digital content public chain, Contentos’ vision to so create “A decentralized global ecosystem for digital content, where content can be freely produced, authenticated of its copyright, distributed and transacted, and where the value and rights will be returned to users.”

Earlier in 2018, Contentos conducted a livestream session on LiveMe in Taiwan, regarded as one of the first ever blockchain-based livestreams. Following the livestream, Contentos launched a live Q&A session, which in conjunction with LiveMe and Cheez, introduced digital assets into user reward and consumer systems.

The Ontology and Contentos partnership will revolve around each party’s particular business expertise, as well as coordination on blockchain research, application development, and community building. Additionally, Ontology Global Capital will invest in Contentos to help reshape the content industry and the value of content.

The collaboration is a part of Ontology’s “real economy strategy,” to serve as a connection between real businesses and distributed digital systems. Both parties aim to develop a globally “decentralized digital content ecosystem, [by] combining distributed infrastructure with video applications and people,” as well as merge their large user bases to develop a larger, stronger community.

For more information about Contentos visit their website, Twitter, or Telegram.

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