Effect.AI has partnered with TrueBlocks, a South Korean-based accelerator that aims to foster rapid project growth. TrueBlocks will help Effect.AI expand into the Eastern Asian market through its media support and community development services.

TrueBlocks strives to increase the education and adoption of cryptocurrency technology, as well as services offered on top of the blockchain. The accelerator develops relationships with potential commercial partners, assists in the development of relationships with exchanges, connects project teams with local meetups and events, provides English/Korean documentation translation, and advises on marketing strategies.

In addition to Effect.AI, TrueBlocks has also partnered with other projects associated with the NEO ecosystem, including: Moonlight, Loopring, Bridge, Apex, Red Pulse, and Alchemint.

The partnership is a concerted effort on behalf of Effect.AI to form stronger relationships in East Asia and other Asian countries. Effect.AI also plans to open an office in Hong Kong, in an effort to remove barriers to further alliances and partnerships in the Asian market.

Upcoming Events

Chris Dawe, CEO of Effect.AI, will host a panel at Huobi Summit in Amsterdam on Tuesday, June 26, 2018. Chris’ panel discussion will cover quantitative trading, which “relies on statistical analysis and high volume uniquely suited to leverage opportunities in crypto-trading.”

The Effect.AI team plans to attend AI Expo Europe 2018 in Amsterdam, June 28th and 29th. The AI Expo Europe will showcase topics such as “business intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, data & analytics, virtual assistants & chatbots, as well as case study-based presentations to provide insight into the deployment of AI across different sectors.” AI Expo Europe is planning for more than 300 speakers and 8,000 attendees.

Lastly, Effect.AI will be attending the 2018 Rise Conference in Hong Kong, July 9th through July 12th. The Rise Conference will provide a networking opportunity for startups, large companies, global media, investors, and attendees to share their experiences. More than 350 speakers and 15,000 attendees from over 100 countries are expected.

For more information about TrueBlocks visit their website or YouTube.

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