nOS, a NEO blockchain-based virtual operating system, has released its fourth progress report, outlining the release of the nOS Client v0.2 minimum viable product (MVP) and the nOS portal.

The nOS Client is currently available on GitHub, which allows developers to build nOS applications on their own NEO PrivateNet. nOS plans to launch its TestNet in June of 2018, where users will be able to test and interact with nOS applications in a live, public environment.

The nOS Client also allows users to access, which is “a nOS-based solution that allows for easy management of pre-sale access, KYC, TestNet decentralized applications [dApps], codebase contributions, and more.”

The nOS Client v0.2 MVP was released in mid-June, which included a list of new features, bug fixes, and requested chores. Less than a week later, nOS Client v0.2.1 was released with a handful of new updates. The nOS Client is currently available for all the major desktop operating systems (Windows, OSX, and Linux-based operating systems).

To download the nOS Client visit the GitHub repository listed below:

Additionally, the nOS development team is working with winners from the nOS Design Competition to build a new user interface (UI) design that will be based on the winning submissions.

For more information about nOS visit one of the links below.