Alphacat, a robo-advisor marketplace for traders has announced that it will list the Ripple (XRP) real-time forecasting engine in its ACAT store starting October 15th. The forecasting engine allows traders to predict the trends of cryptocurrency prices in 15, 30, and 45 minute intervals. Alphacat claims that its prediction algorithms help people decide when to buy and sell, as well as analyze the the risk factors of different digital currencies.

The platform is built using the TensorFlow artificial intelligence framework along with the PRNN-LSTM algorithm (PRNN: Pipelined Recurrent Neural Network; LSTM: Long Short-Term Memory; the LTSM neural network model, suitable for time-series prediction, was combined with the PRNN algorithm to obtain the PRNN-LSTM algorithm). The application, which can be tailored for different cryptocurrencies, displays three different trend lines marking the engine’s price prediction. One use of trend lines as a technical indicator is that at a glance, traders can quickly see the currency’s long-term trend of either a upwards, downwards, or sideways price movement. These trends help smooth out the “noise” of a currency’s volatility to help traders open and close their positions.

XRP is the sixth cryptocurrency to included in the ACAT store alongside NEO, BTC, ETH, EOS, and ADA.

The platform also gives an incentive for registering one’s email address. A user can access up to three predictions per day once their email address is confirmed. Once the free daily predictions have been consumed, users are then offered to pay in ACAT tokens to access the forecasting service.

A pricing table displaying the fees of the service can be seen here.

Users can access the ACAT store using a mobile device here.

Instructions for how to use the application were also provided.

More information on Alphacat can be found at the links below.