Business Data Network (BDN) is holding an airdrop in partnership with O3 Labs, exclusively for O3 Wallet users. BDN is a blockchain based data storage and data transaction platform built on NEO. It is committed to building a decentralized global business data ecosystem via data validation and tokenization to connect business data supply and demand in the data market.

In total, 600,000 BDN tokens will be airdropped, evenly distributed amongst eligible participants. This will mark the fourth airdrop for O3 Wallet users, following airdrops from For The Win (FTW), a New Kind of Network (NKN), and Alchemint (SDS).

Between October 9th and 10th, O3 Wallet users were airdropped 3 BDN tokens if they held any NEP-5 token on the wallet, and 7 BDN tokens airdropped to users who also held ONT tokens.

Participants are also eligible to receive 120 BDN tokens if they register through the Business Data Network website, and provide pertinent Know Your Customer (KYC) information. KYC registration opened on October 10th and can be done until 1:00 AM Central Time on October 25th. To register, visit the link below:

BDN’s roadmap has an App Beta Test planned in late Q4 of 2018 with its MainNet launch scheduled for Q2 of 2019.

To better understand what the BDN ecosystem is all about, it has released a one-pager.

More information on Business Data Network (BDN) can be found at the links below.

Written by Vincent Geneste