Alphacat, a robot advisor marketplace for cryptocurrency investors, has announced an incentive for holders of its ACAT tokens. Investors who own more than 100,000 ACAT tokens can receive free access to its BTC forecasting service for one month.

The BTC forecasting service predicts the probability of a Bitcoin price rise by leveraging a pool of 1,000 AI robots. The robots each make an individual prediction on the price of Bitcoin, and those predictions are then combined to give a final probability.

Successful applicants will receive service for 30 calendar days from the day their application is accepted. Applications for the service will close May 31st.

You can read the full terms and conditions of the incentive here.

In another announcement by the platform, Alphacat stated that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Rootscap Capital, a leading angel investment fund in China. Alphacat will provide Rootscap with artificial intelligence support for digital asset investment, with the goal of increasing blockchain market penetration for its investment fund.  The AI support from Alphacat will be provided through its ACAT financial engine that’s driven by big data and blockchain technology.

The ACAT engine leverages artificial intelligence and deep learning, with a pool of thousands of AI robots that perform market predictions. The robots can also perform other tasks outside of market forecasting, offering an index engine and analysis tools to make better investment decisions.

One example of how Alphacat is reaching out to the broader market is with the release of its API engine in Q3. The API will let developers access the ACAT engine in the development of their own financial products, and will be incentivized through the sale of products in the ACAT store.

Rootscap has invested in dozens of early-stage VC projects involving big data, smart hardware, online travelling and more. The firm’s rapid investment and decision making skills in could help spread Alphacat’s technology to new Chinese markets.

The above developments are reflected in Alphacat’s roadmap. By the end of Q2, the platform intends to add Ethereum, NEO, and EOS in its daily forecasting, and will develop a Bitcoin and Ethereum real-time forecast and index by the end of Q3.

More information can be found on Alphacat at the links below.