Alphacat, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency forecast marketplace, has released two development reports covering the month of January. In the summaries, Alphacat reports that the ACAT Store marketplace has reached 65 listed applications.

ACAT Store

Alphacat has added 12 new applications to its mobile-focused ACAT Store in the month of January. Alphacat’s “Hot, News, FAQ, and Blog” sections in its Media tab now feature daily updates.

Alphacat also plans to display user comments and ratings for each app on its store. The team notes that the shared insight will “help to shape future apps” as well as drive traffic to highly rated products.

A payment function for its Store apps has also been proposed, and is planned for addition in the second quarter of 2019. “Store points” will be used power those apps that require payment. Users will be able to top off their point balances with ACAT tokens.

Github Activity

Alphacat has announced that its Github has been updated with the source code for its ACE Index and Cryptocurrency Risk Analysis Bot. The launch of these tools was previously covered by NEO News Today.

Real-Time Forecasting System

Finally, the Alphacat team has continued development of its flagship offering, AI-generated short-term cryptocurrency price forecasts. According to the team, large-scale testing of the algorithm was successfully carried out; indicator data was taken from multiple markets and then processed with a recurrent neural network algorithm.

Further development work will focus on tuning the algorithm’s input data to achieve more accurate and stable price forecasts.

Alphacat’s January development summaries can be read in full at the following links: