Aphelion, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange has launched the desktop web version of its platform. The exchange is now available in both mobile and desktop browser versions, Windows, Mac and Linux desktop apps, and iOS and Android mobile apps.

Aphelion described the newest iteration as having “the same great features and key differentiators such as 80% fee distributions and the least expensive trading options available are all standard across all channels.”

The desktop web version follows Aphelion’s re-launch in December last year that brought with it numerous changes to its smart contract, economic model, and regulatory compliance.

One change was the introduction of a flat rate fee of 0.07% for committing APH, which replaces the previous logarithmic model. Aphelion states the new flat fee will “simplify the calculations and also provide a far better redistribution for those that commit APH.”

Additionally, Aphelion partnered with Identity Mind Global for user know your customer (KYC), which will reportedly help the platform stay compliant by disallowing US residents from using the exchange. Identity Mind Global will also assist Aphelion by encrypting user identities on the blockchain; working as a white list for approved wallet addresses.

The desktop web version was released as open source and its code can be viewed here.

To use the desktop web version, users can access it at dex.aphelion.org.