Alphacat, an AI-powered robot advisor marketplace has published its first bi-weekly report for March. The report covers two new additions to its ACAT store as well as an update to its AI real-time forecasting engine.

The number of available trading applications available on the ACAT store is now 80 in total. The applications are developed by a mix of Alphacat and independent teams, with the two additions being Midas Protocol and the Delta Exchange.

The Midas Protocol aims to be “The smartest universal wallet for all of the essential crypto needs from safekeeping, intelligent trading, portfolio management.” While Delta Exchange describes itself as “the best cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.”

Available applications currently fall into nine channel categories:

  • Market Forecasting: 11 Apps
  • ACE Indices: 1 App
  • Technical Analysis: 7 Apps
  • Multi Data: 21 Apps
  • Risk Management: 1 App
  • Asset Allocation: 8 Apps
  • Trading Tools: 19 Apps
  • Derivatives Market: 10 Apps
  • Primary Market: 1 App
  • Others: 1 App

Alphacat also worked on its cryptocurrency real-time trading system framework, which last year reported an accuracy of 63.3% in predicting the price of bitcoin. Alphacat completed its real-time data reading system, real-time trading system, as well as a team interaction system during the reporting period.

A diagram showing how these components work together can be seen below. 

Alphacat also claims to have “summarized the shortcomings of the previous trading rules and improved the new version of the trading mechanism.” The team plans to continue testing the data based on the new rule-set.

The full report can be found at the link below: