On May 3, 2018, Alphacat released a report that highlights a 63.3% accuracy in daily Bitcoin (BTC) swing forecasts. Alphacat claims to be the worlds first robot advisor marketplace with a primary focus on cryptocurrencies.

The “BTC Daily Forecasting” bot made predictions each day in the month of April, and was accurate 19 days of the month using ‘rise probability’ as the criterion. Version 2.0.0 of the bot was released April 4th, which included an improved calculation method for predicting true rise probability. The below graphic details the days and calls the bot made, and which forecasts were correct.

Accuracy rate is based on the probability of Alphacat’s “10 normal trades prediction.” This method uses a model that assumes a user made 10 trades, and the amount of trades that would be successful. As every trade is uncertain, there is a 50/50 chance for the user to either be successful, or achieve an unfavorable outcome. Alphacat’s BTC Daily Forecast increased the probability of a successful trade from 50% to 63.3%. This means normal trading probability was increased by more than 13%.

In addition to the BTC Daily Forecasting bot, Alphacat is currently developing features for their ACAT Store. Such features include investment advice, expert reviews, and a ranking list system. The BTC Daily Forecasting bot is an example of the Alphacat team’s continual optimization, algorithm updates, and real-time forecast development.

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