On May 2, 2018, Switcheo Network announced the listing of Loopring’s NEP-5 protocol token (LRN) on the decentralized exchange. Loopring is a protocol that seeks to improve tradability across crypto-token exchanges. The LRN token was listed on Switcheo at 4:00 pm (UTC +8) on May 2nd.

Switcheo Exchange has created LRN trading pairs with NEO, GAS, and SWH. Users who trade with SWH on the exchange receive a 50% reduction in trading fees.

Additionally, Loopring is coordinating with four other exchanges to list LRN. There are also 3 airdrops, scheduled for July 5th, September 5th, and November 5th. In each airdrop, Loopring will airdrop 20% of the max LRN supply to a smart contract on NEO (the Airdrop smart contract) for LRC token holders to claim.

The total LRN supply will be 139,507,605.49 tokens, which is exactly 10% of the total supply of LRC, the protocol’s original Ethereum-based token.

For more information about Loopring, visit the links provided below.