Alphacat recently partnered with J One Capital, the blockchain investment banking division of JD Capital, an investment firm which manages assets worth billions in USD. Alphacat aims to provide digital custody services for J One Capital, and J One Capital intends to assist in the development of Alphacat’s digital asset investment plan.

Alphacat seeks to utilize its ACAT Engine to manage J One Capital’s digital assets. The ACAT Engine is one of Alphacat’s core products, it “uses artificial intelligence and big data to deeply study the price movements of digital currencies and make the most reasonable investment decisions.”

In the previous few months, J One Capital has invested in various “well-known” blockchain projects, and seen positive returns on investment (ROI). The blockchain investment branch also aids in project development by offering its “extensive industry resources and experience.”

The partnership between Alphacat and J One Capital aims to enhance J One Capital’s “investment decision-making capabilities,” and produce “an important roadmap for the ecological construction of Alphacat’s digital asset investment plan.”

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