The NEO Eco Fund recently invested into Lympo, a fitness and wellness digital data platform. NEO Eco Fund is a subsidiary venture capital (VC) fund of NEO Global Capital (NGC), recently established as part of the NEO Council restructure. NGC acts as an investment platform that aims to empower high-quality blockchain projects.

Lympo is an application that aims to motivate people to exercise and be healthy, by rewarding users with tokens for fitness-related tasks such as going to the gym regularly, jogging, or maintaining a healthy daily activity. It is an existing business in Lithuania, which started as a platform to connect the best personal trainer or sports coach near those who use the platform. Lympo’s LYM tokens are Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens, and the company’s public token sale took place in February of 2018. 

NGC currently has two funds under its management, NEO Eco Fund and NGC Fund I. NGC Fund I has invested in projects such as Ontology, Zilliqa, CertiK and Oasis Labs, while NEO Eco Fund has assisted in the growth of the NEO ecosystem.

NGC founding partner, Wayne Zhu, said the Lympo project was chosen to receive investment because it offers “genuinely cutting-edge technological innovation to the health and fitness sector.” He says, “NGC believes this cooperation will be fruitful and ultimately help Lympo succeed in its journey.”

Regarding the partnership, Ada Jones, CEO of Lympo, said they’re “honored that NGC has recognized Lympo as the leader in applying blockchain technology to connect and enable health and fitness enthusiasts all around the world. As a company, Lympo has many ambitious goals, and we greatly appreciate the trust and enthusiasm that NGC has shown to Lympo.”

To learn more about Lympo read the white paper or visit their website, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, or Telegram.

More information on NGC can be found at the links below.