Moonlight has opened the Know Your Customer (KYC) process for whitelisting in its upcoming LX token sale. Moonlight is a decentralized workforce platform built on the NEO network that aims to make contract and freelance employment more appealing to both contributors and project owners. The platform seeks to develop an alternative approach for project staffing, realization, and compensation to create a distributed workforce.

The KYC process opened on July 28th, and is following guidelines set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). All participants will be required to submit a selfie and photo ID.

Successful applicants will then be divided into four groups, with participants being ordered according to the date at which they subscribed to the Moonlight newsletter. The group schedule can be seen below:

Exchange rates remain the same for the public sale as they were during the private sale, which are as follows:

  • 2000 LX / NEO (0.0005 NEO/LX)
  • 800 LX / GAS (0.00125 GAS/LX)

A total of 250,000,000 LX tokens (25% of total supply) will be available during the public sale, with a maximum contribution of 100 NEO or 250 GAS. The contribution cap will be removed on August 25th in a “close out” phase for participants to purchase any remaining tokens after the group phases have concluded.

The public sale will end on August 31st, or when the 250,000,000 LX is sold out.

Users can register for the whitelist at the link below:

Moonlight has recently announced that its LX token will be listed on the Switcheo platform by August 11th at 12:00pm (UTC+8)

More information on Moonlight can be found at the links below.