Alphacat has published an update of the progress the team has made over the first half of September, with a focus on community engagement and product development. Most of the work was focused on improving its robot advisor tool for cryptocurrency trading.

To begin, Alphacat reported steady community growth in follower numbers and engagement across all of its social media profiles. Its number of Facebook followers grew from 16,419 to 17,670 while its Twitter followers showed a similar trend increasing from 14,600 to 15,000. According to Alphacat, these numbers indicate that its community is maturing into a fully-fledged ecosystem.

As previously reported by NEO News Today, the platform also listed its ADA real-time forecasting application in the ACAT store. Alphacat described the application with the following: “the application is based on the prediction algorithm built by using the TensorFlow artificial intelligence framework and the PRNN-LSTM algorithm to predict the future trends of a digital currency in timeframes of 15, 30, and 45 minutes.” Readers can have a look through Alphacat’s user guide on how to get the most from the application and read the original announcement here. Users can register to receive three free forecasts for each cryptocurrency per day; additional forecasts can be purchased with ACAT tokens.

In a similar vein, Alphacat also made some updates to the ACAT store itself, which included some new additions. The store now has a section promoting the latest events and product updates; a recharge function for each product; and a media section with feeds for the latest news, official announcements and product introductions.

Alphacat’s cryptocurrency index engine also received an update. It’s ACE Top Index, which is an algorithm that shows the recent trends and comparisons between the most popular coins like BTC, ETH, XRP was enhanced. The enhancement was aimed to help new traders make better decisions for the coins to buy and how to time the market effectively.

Finally, the team also worked on its cryptocurrency risk analysis tool that is still under development. Alphacat said that it is improving its algorithm for risk indicators between different cryptocurrencies as well as for the risks under different market conditions.

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