Cryptocurrency forecaster marketplace, Alphacat, has released a progress report covering August 1st to August 15th, 2018. In its report, Alphacat covers recent developments of its forecasting engine, analysis tools, and ACAT Store.

ACAT Store

The ACAT Store now offers three free predictions per day for users that register their email address with Alphacat. Alphacat has integrated a secure protocol for the website’s data transfer, and has improved the site’s speed and efficiency. ACAT tokens may now be used to purchase increased access to Alphacat’s forecasting tools.

Alphacat Index Engine

Alphacat plans for a Top 10 cryptocurrency index to be the next application added to its platform. The index is designed to show the average price change in selected mainstream cryptocurrencies. Alphacat reports that front-end design for the index is underway, and the algorithm is complete.

Alphacat AI Forecasting Engine

Alphacat reports that its American lab has updated the predictive algorithm for its cryptocurrency price forecasts. It says that the new version offers reduced error margin and improved accuracy, and claims that further improvements to its forecasts are currently underway.

A “Market Status Analysis Tool” is also in development for future versions of the ACAT store. This tool simplifies the market into five states, such as “slow bull” or “fast bear,” and creates forecasts of the likely market states for the following days.

More information on the Alphacat project can be found at the links below.