Singapore-based off-chain scaling solution, Trinity Protocol, has released another biweekly update covering the first portion of August, 2018. Trinity has shifted towards being a blockchain-agnostic scaling solution since its launch as a NEO-linked product, and announced progress on their state channel networks which are currently deployed on the MainNets of NEO and Ethereum.

For the NEO blockchain, Trinity announced maintenance of its deployed state channels on the MainNet and TestNet, and began development of a deployment platform for light nodes.

More work continues on the Ethereum side of the project, as the ETH-Trinity smart contract, ETH full node monitors, and web wallet continue to undergo testing and optimization.

Finally, Trinity announced ongoing collaboration on second layer solutions with blockchain game developers, and are also looking into the development of Tether (USDT) state channels.

The full report can be read at the link below:

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