Zeepin has published its newsletter that contains a variety of development updates from the previous month. The announcement of Zeepin Chain’s impending launch on the 31st of August headlined the newsletter. As a decentralized chain for creative industries, it will create a “fair and transparent, efficient landscape in a way to benefit all creatives.” Zeepin Chain will also integrate assets and systems from its petitioners with the intention of creating a “free trading market and exchange platform” as its end goal.

In preparation for the launch, the team overhauled its website and released the technical whitepaper for Zeepin Chain. The paper explores its technical infrastructure and underlines Zeepins commitment of “enabling the digitization and circulation of assets across the entire creative value chain.”

Besides Zeepin Chain, the team also provided an update on the progress of their suite of decentralized applications (dApps).

GalaCloud, a distributive encryption storage network was next on the list. GalaCloud was included on Zeepin’s website and included detailed rules for its GalaHub node selection. Also, the GalaCloud whitepaper was released, giving readers a comprehensive introduction to the application and its benefits. GalaCloud’s incentive model was introduced at the start of this month.

GalaBox, Zeepin’s mining machine and distributed cloud storage device, held a crowdfunding event and exceeded its goal of 2.5 million ZPT within 24 hours. GalaBox will provide its hosts with GALA from a pool of over 10 million tokens on a weekly basis, and 70% of revenue generated from services purchased. As an incentive for early ZPT holders, GalaBox will remain as a free service provided that a particular amount of is locked up for 18 months. There will be three stages of the crowdfunding, and the next stage is scheduled for August 18.

There were also some updates for CryptoGalaxy included in the report. 382 planets have been released and 9,700 players from 112 countries have participated so far; accumulating to a total of 5.5 million GALA. The latest CryptoGalaxy update (v1.5) features a walletstaking function that rewards users for holding ZPT. A prize pool of 150,000 Gala is refreshed on a daily basis – you can read more about this incentive here.

There were also some updates for Zeepin’s ZeeRights and ZeeWallet applications. ZeeRights now includes some new features, including a new product design with institutional ID identification, bulk copy registration, and after-sale services. ZeeWallet will soon enable support for node selection as well the function to switch between the TestNet and MainNet plus a staking function to mine GALA.

Signing off, Zeepin claimed that the closed beta for CryptoGalaxy v1.5 was positively received and that it has now been online since August.

For more information about Zeepin and CryptoGalaxy visit the links below.