AlphaCat, which claims to be the world’s first robot advisor marketplace built on the NEO blockchain, has announced plans to release a NEO, ETH and EOS daily forecast to supporters.

AlphaCat is currently distributing daily Bitcoin forecasts via email to early supporters using the BitCat prediction engine. The forecast uses big data and artificial intelligence to predict the probability of BTC rising in price over the next 24 hours. The development team has been refining the calculation mechanisms for accurate predictions during this time. Supporters were required to hold 1,000,000 ACAT to apply for access to the forecast.

The NEO, ETH, and EOS daily forecasts are currently in development and are expected to be released between May and July. Those who are interested in gaining access to these forecasts are encouraged to join the AlphaCat community for updates.


AlphaCat is also working on releasing real-time BTC and ETH forecasting robots for 15 minute intervals. These robots will be the first available on the AlphaCat marketplace, and users will be able to purchase access with the ACAT token. The release is scheduled for Q3 2018.

AlphaCat has stated its mission as making investing ‘as easy as buying a bottle of Coke’. Investors will be able to purchase big data and AI powered robot traders and robot advisors from the AlphaCat marketplace. Robot traders will enable users to pick a trading thesis and market, and have the robot execute trades for them. Robot advisors will simply give predictions on price fluctuations that users can action themselves. AlphaCat are providing the initial robots, but developers will be able to also develop trading robots to sell on the marketplace. All services will be purchased with ACAT.

More information on AlphaCat can be found at the following links.