DeepBrain Chain, a decentralized neural network and AI computing platform on NEO, has published its weekly update, April 24th. The update touches on DeepBrain’s efforts in development, marketing, events, and things to come for the near future.

For development, DeepBrain focused on its code review, multi-platform compilation and debugging for its first platform iteration. The team also made progress with its design and testing of its AI storage and encryption mechanism, with results that are expected to come out on the 28th of April. It’s claimed that DeepBrain has finished the design and review of the first AI test cases, and has built and proved its testing environment through the deployment and installation of scripts.

Other milestones in development were DeepBrain’s AI code review and improving its elliptical curve and random number initialization code. Its P2P network properties were also worked on for better address synchronization for P2P network nodes and Node ID initialization. DeepBrain Chain can now run on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.

The highlight of DeepBrain’s marketing and community efforts was its end of Q1 meeting, held on the 23rd of April.  Dr. Dongyan Wang gave a speech on the development of the AI industry at the event and elaborated on the global market positioning of DeepBrain Chain. CEO, Yong He, also explained the scenarios for using DBC tokens and suggested they could be used for buying computational power, algorithms, data and more. In future, He said that the ecosystem could help AI companies conduct token sales on the DBC platform.

For DeepBrain events, the team attended the UC Berkeley Blockchain Career Fair, April 18th. It’s claimed that many students and professionals were interested in the product and technology and that DBC was inundated with visitors. AI Officer, Dr. Dongyan Wang, was also interviewed at the fair and welcomed talented students with a strong sense of innovation from the AI and blockchain industries to join them.

DeepBrain also participated in the Tokenomx Blockchain Conference that was held on the 18th and 19th of April. The team met with local exchanges, PR companies, and blockchain influencers. DeepBrain has maintained contacts with its local suppliers with a goal of expanding into the Thai market.

In the media, DeepBrain joined the 2018 Southeast Asia Blockchain Innovation Conference. Eric, DeepBrian senior marketing officer, gave a speech at the conference and proposed that the platform gives effective technological support to API companies serving as an AI platform.

DeepBrain also took part in the HEY! Blockchain local conference on the 23rd of April, meeting with the Vietnamese Blockchain Media Bigcoin and Kiwi. They discussed with them DeepBrain’s Vietnamese blockchain marketing and promotion plans.

Also in Vietnam, DeepBrain attended the 2018 Southeast Asia Blockchain Innovation Summit that was held on the 21st of April in Hanoi, Vietnam. The summit was broadcasted on VITV Central television. Eric was interviewed about his views about blockchain technology in Southeast Asia and stated that the region was still in the early stages of development with a huge potential for growth.