THEKEY, a decentralized digital identity platform, has announced the listing of its TKY token on CoinSwitch, a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator.

CoinSwitch has also provided a set of detailed instructions for buying and exchanging TKY coins that can be read here.

Users can purchase TKY by visiting the following link –

The current exchange pair for TKY tokens is Bitcoin. Users can enter the amount of BTC they would like to exchange and CoinSwitch will show its equivalent value in TKY, but may differ with the actual amount after conversion.

CoinSwitch will then list all of the exchanges trading TKY and their respective rates. Exchanges can be selected manually, or an exchange recommendation can be taken from CoinSwitch. Users will need to enter their TKY receiving address and send the desired amount of BTC to exchange.

Once the BTC is received, CoinSwitch will initiate the conversion. Users always have the option to track transactions on the blockchain using CoinSwitch’s access links.

Once the transaction is complete, users can then check the balance in their TKY wallet. CoinSwitch also note that although a transaction may be completed, in some cases wallets will need additional confirmations to show the received funds, which could take a few minutes.