O3 Labs has announced the launch of its revamped O3 Wallet in open beta. The application is now available on both the Apple App Store for desktop and mobile, and the Google Play Store. The announcement marks the O3 Wallet’s re-listing on the Apple store after it was removed in February 2020 due to a trademark dispute with a non-blockchain related company.

The revamped O3 Wallet features a redesigned interface and claims to have an optimized user experience. Additionally, NEO and ONT tokens have been split out into two seperate pages. O3 Labs community manager, Caroline, hinted in the O3 Labs Beta Test Telegram channel, “Consider this a precursor for a new feature that’s about to come.”

Moving forward, O3 Labs notes, “We will not continue to update the old version [of the O3 Wallet], all subsequent updates will be in the new version.”

New O3 Mobile Wallet UX. Source: O3 Labs

Bug Bounty Competition

O3 Labs has also launched a bug bounty competition in conjunction with the beta launch. Users who find a bug in the iOS or Android version of the O3 Wallet are encouraged to report the issue in the official O3 Labs Beta Test Telegram channel, and tag either of the following administrators: @CarolineO3wallet or @AlexanderCM.

All unique bugs are eligible for a GAS reward unless another user has already submitted the bug. Each eligible bug reported will receive a one GAS reward, with a limit of five GAS in rewards per user. The user who submits the most verified bugs will receive an additional five GAS in rewards.

Reward distribution will occur following the conclusion of the bug bounty competition. At the time of press, there is no concrete deadline for when the bug bounty will end.

More information about the bug bounty competition can be found at the link below: