The team behind the NeoLogin web wallet has announced the development of Onramper, an API and widget that enables the purchase of cryptocurrencies using fiat directly from within a website or app. Currently, Onramper supports 150 countries, 130 fiat currencies, and 47 cryptocurrencies – of which NEO and GAS are included. At the time of press, GAS is currently not available for purchase, but is on the Onramper roadmap.

Onramper is an open-source “fiat gateway aggregator” that facilitates transactions between users and fiat gateways. In practice, this means that developers can integrate Onramper into their products to allow users to buy cryptocurrency from a provider of choice using their national currency. Currently, Onramper is partnered with MoonPay and CryptoCoin.Pro, and is in discussions with Wyre.

According to NeoLogin founder, Albert Acebrón (aka corollari), Onramper will be the first platform that offers its users the ability to buy GAS directly with fiat currency. In a conversation with Neo News Today, Acebrón said,

On NeoLogin, we wanted to allow people to buy GAS with their money. But, it just didn’t exist. A lot of the dApps we were looking to integrate… just use GAS instead of NEO.

Making crypto easy

The idea for Onramper was born during the development the NeoLogin web-based wallet solution, which focused on lowering the knowledge barrier to cryptocurrency for new users. It achieved this through functions such as an email and password login system, and a simple user interface. It also supports the Neo dAPI standard, meaning that users can connect their NeoLogin wallets to dApps to sign transactions.

However, despite NeoLogin’s focus on simplicity, getting access to cryptocurrency was still a major hurdle for many users. Acebrón said:

A lot of the dApps we were targeting were games that targeted people that were just getting starting in crypto. Essentially [games] like CryptoKitties. Because NeoLogin was focused on the user experience, [we thought it would] be great, if when a user started, we would just allow them to buy NEO directly from our wallet… Once we started building [Onramper], we realized that many people want the same thing. So, we made [Onramper into] its product.


The Onramper website claims that its widget can be integrated into an application within five minutes and that its solution is fully KYC/AML compliant, making it a potentially attractive option to developers. A limited time Launch Partner Program is also available that offers priority feature requests, custom integration support, marketing exposure, and ‘not having to pay any fees for life.’

Looking forward, Acebrón hopes Onramper can be integrated with other wallets within in the Neo ecosystem, although they also intend to build support for other blockchain networks. Acebrón noted an area of focus may be projects that are not in the “top ten,” as they’ve historically been “more neglected by the main gateways.”

Users can learn more about Onramper at the following link: