Nash has announced its new affiliates program, which it says is designed to offer up to 50% more commission than competing programs. The program allows individuals to refer users to the Nash platform and receive commission based on the amount of trading volume generated on its exchange.

In order to begin receiving commissions, affiliates are required to exceed a minimum of US $10,000 in referred user trading volume. Commissions will be calculated on the first six trading months of each referral. Nash states its payouts will be distributed daily to a second-layer account and that there is no minimum payout.

This differs from other programs such as Binance, which requires its affiliates to refer a minimum of 50 users or 50 BTC in trading volume before qualifying for payouts, or Kraken which caps the total payout per referred user at $1,000.

Further, Nash affiliates are not required to hold tokens or participate in social media outreach to receive commissions.

Referral data is made available to affiliates via the affiliate portal, which allows users to track their progress.

Affiliate levels

Nash offers three affiliate levels that provide varying commissions based on the referral method and amount of trading volume generated.

  • “Rising Star” – triggered when an affiliate generates an equivalent of US $10,000 in trading volume from referrals. This level receives a 20% revenue share in commission.
  • “VIP” – triggered when the affiliate has 100 referrals with each trading at least US $1,000 in volume, or has referred a minimum of US $1 million in total trading volume. This level receives a 25% revenue share in commission.
  • “Developer” – allows developers to add their affiliate referral code into their app via Nash’s SDK. This level receives a 10% revenue share in commission.

Affiliate status and level are checked daily. Nash notes that once a user gains affiliate status, it is valid for three months and renewed whenever the triggers are rendered valid.

More information about the Nash affiliate program can be found at the link below: