TranslateMe, an instant translation service in the Neo ecosystem, has announced the user interface (UI) and API launch of its German-to-English translation model. The release follows the version 1.0 model completion in August 2020.

The current UI is intended for testing and allows users to translate sentences from English to German or French, and make suggestions for improvements to the returned translation.

Source: TranslateMe

Developers interested in testing the German-to-English translation API can access it at the following link:

Looking forward, TranslateMe intends to integrate Russian, Korean, and Zulu languages into its platform. Following, TranslateMe hopes to announce a partnership that will allow for NEP-5 TMN tokens to be converted to airtime in approximately 140 countries. In South Africa, airtime is comprised of mobile phone credit or data, which TranslateMe founder, Ryan Lloyd, noted is “very expensive compared with the rest of the world.” Lloyd hopes by offering TMN to airtime conversion that it will increase incentives for users to contribute to the translation models.

TranslateMe’s English to German or French translation test can be found at the following link: