APEX has announced the second wave of its KRATOS One special node program that incentivizes the operation of its nodal ecosystem. The network will form the backbone of its operations for delivering enterprise decentralized applications (dApp) to consumers.

NEO News Today covered the first wave of KRATOS One that can be read here. The second wave includes rewards that will be paid out in the form of APEX, UChain and Atlas tokens, which are described as cross-chain rewards.

There are three tiers of rewards that have varying requirements in CPX tokens to qualify for the token rewards. Each tier also rewards the holder with a different amount and types of tokens.

  • The Genesis tier requires a minimum of 400,000 CPX and qualifies for an 8,000 CPX, 450 UCN and 800 ATLS reward.
  • The first tier requires a minimum of 200,000 CPX and qualifies for a 3,000 CPX and 300 UCN reward.
  • The second tier requires a minimum of 70,000 CPX and qualifies for a 500 CPX reward.

CPX will be distributed one week from the time the reward is claimed, while UCN will be distributed on September 15th. The date for ATLS tokens is variable on the project, but is projected for 2 weeks from its listing on exchanges.

You can read through the instructions and rules of the incentive here.

For more information about APEX visit the links below.