APEX Technologies co-founder TIger Yang hosted the “New Retail” panel discussion at Shanghai’s Global Digital Marketing Summit, which was held on December 6th and 7th, 2018. The panel discussed the ‘new retail’ model – which Yang states is a disruptive revolution “governed by consumer demand” – as well as the processing and presentation of data streams generated by the activities of consumers.

New Retail and Customer Experience

The concept of “new retail” is gaining traction in China due to the high rate of online shopping in the country, but also because “new retail” involves the integration of offline and online customer communication. Yang states the rise of the consumer from an anonymous entity to a product ambassador (as also seen in the rise of key online leader marketing strategies in mainland China) requires a personal connection with the brand, that is cultivated and optimized through the use of consumer data and feedback-driven marketing.

As APEX is in the business of providing customer data, Yang sees the battle of gathering and processing “multi-dimensional data” generated by marketing channels as being “the future of competition in the retail industry.”

A full synopsis of Tiger Yang’s presentation (Chinese language) can be found at the following link: