O3 Labs has unveiled the v2 implementation of the O3 browser, which includes NEO blockchain payment integration with the goal of enabling seamless GAS payments for any service. Users can try out the service by downloading the latest version of the O3 wallet, then navigating to the ‘Apps’ section and selecting the O3 Store, where limited edition O3 caps are being sold.

In the announcement, O3 Labs discussed that despite being the native currency of the NEO smart economy, there has not been an easy way to use GAS for payments. With this solution, stores and services will be able to request payments directly from the user assuming a NEO wallet is connected.

O3 Labs intends to open source their API to allow any web application to integrate with O3 and accept GAS payments in the future. Moving forward, the team also aims to allow any NEO contract to be easily accessible through O3, which will act as a dApp store and browser.

The team hopes that this will dramatically increase dApp accessibility for NEO users. It also offers increased security, as users will only need to have their private key linked with O3 itself, instead of needing to provide their private key to every new dApp that they access.

O3 Labs has submitted the protocol as a NEO enhancement proposal. If accepted, it would become a standard within the NEO ecosystem. The proposal can be read and discussed here.