Phantasma Chain has announced its Phantasma Chain Christmas Campaign, with one million prizes in SOUL – the platform’s utility token – allocated to various prizes and rewards. The Christmas Campaign was originally announced on December 12th and will run until January 1st.

According to Phantasma Chain, the intention behind the campaign is to spread awareness of its ecosystem and reward its participants, stating “we believe the best way to end the year is with a bang, so we have prepared this campaign for our amazing community and to make the Phantasma name echo in the valleys of the mount Everest.”

Unlike a lottery or airdrop, the Christmas Campaign will instead reward users for supporting the ecosystem by creating various forms of promotional media.

For instance, users can earn rewards for writing articles, creating videos, and participating in Phantasma Chain’s Reddit community to name just a few activities. The amount of SOUL for each category will be announced as time goes on. Additionally, each campaign will be unlocked individually with specific rules in place for participation. The best way to keep on top of the campaigns is to follow the team via their social channels.

YouTube Contest Announced

In conjunction with the main Christmas Campaign announcement, Phantasma Chain also revealed its first campaign: the YouTube contest.

Submissions for the YouTube contest will last until the end of the Christmas Campaign (January 1st). The incentive invites users to create videos about the Phantasma ecosystem, with submissions evaluated based on “quality, correct information and reach.”

The YouTube contest will draw from a prize pool of 50,000 SOUL, with 35,000 due to be distributed to numerous video creators and the remaining 15,000 are reserved for the top three videos in the final competition. Zero to 1,000 SOUL (depending on video quality) will be distributed until the cap of 35,000 tokens has been reached.

Phantasma Chain also provided some advice for participants concerning the production of their videos: ”be original in the videos, don’t just do a project analysis over the token metrics, we’re looking at having people who understand and align well with the vision of Phantasma Chain and its ecosystem.”

Additionally, it was recommended by the team to fully understand the Phantasma ecosystem before sending in submissions. A place to start is the team’s Medium profile, website, Telegram channel, and whitepaper with links at the end of this post.

YouTube Contest Terms and Conditions

As with each campaign announced with Phantasma Chain, the YouTube contest has a series of terms and conditions to be followed. A summary of the terms and conditions can be found below, while the full version can be read here in the original announcement.

  • Participants must have 500 “real” subscribers on their Youtube channel. It’s claimed that accounts will be analyzed first to see if the followers are legitimate. One caveat, however, is that users may still participate in the YouTube contest if they have a history of producing high-quality content.
  • The video title must include Phantasma Chain.
  • Each video should be two minutes long.
  • Videos should be informative and accurate.
  • Videos that use a text-to-speech (TTS) engine are accepted, but will only receive 50% of the usual rewards.
  • Videos must remain published and accessible until after the launch of the Phantasma MainNet.
  • Submissions must include a link to the platform’s landing page ( in the video description.
  • To verify video ownership, the team will cross-reference the user’s email address on their YouTube channel to the email they submitted in the Google registration form. The addresses must match in order to be distributed tokens.
  • A “custom deal” may be negotiated with successful Youtube vloggers. Interested parties can contact the team at for more information.

Tokens will be distributed on a weekly basis once all applications have been accepted and reviewed.