APEX has updated and released its APEX Wallet v0.9.2 for both Android and iOS. The primary feature in the new version of the APEX Wallet is ERC-20 token support. APEX claims it’s “one of the first international mobile wallets to support both ERC20 and NEP-5 token assets.”

There is a four-step guide and a tutorial video in the article to help users upgrade to the APEX Wallet v0.9.2. The video and instructions can be found at the following link:


Following the update and some more testing, APEX will proceed with getting the APEX Wallet listed in app stores. Additionally, the wallet development team is developing an “auto-upgrade mechanism for future APEX Wallet app upgrades to work effortlessly.”

Other features under development include a master keystore file for multiple NEP-5 and ERC-20 accounts, interactive rewards redemption, and enterprise-level permission management.

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