DeepBrain Chain, a decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) computing platform has announced subsidies for its AI computing providers. The subsidies will be issued through the DeepBrain Chain Foundation to make its AI Training Network more accessible to institutions and support the development of the AI industry.

The terms of the subsidies are as follows. Providers must use 1080TI and above GPUs and be currently billed below USD $0.15 per hour. The subsidy amount is the equivalent of USD $110 per month for each GPU, based on the conversion from Bitcoin (BTC) to DBC at 12:00 on the day of subsidy issuance. Subsidies will last for two months, with the first issued after one month of access to the network.

The subsidy follows strong support for DeepBrain Chain since releasing its AI Training Network on August 8th this year. A number of institutes such as the Beijing Institute of Technology and 17zuoye Corporation have reportedly tested the network to “see for themselves how they can benefit from the GPU power provided by the DeepBrain Chain,” with the end goal of reducing AI computing costs and furthering the development of the AI industry.

For questions about the subsidy, readers can add DeepBrain Chain’s AI assistant on WeChat: LivenFuture or access the platform’s Telegram community using the link below.