Aphelion, a decentralized trading platform, has announced a giveaway promotion, 30th of April. Aphelion is giving away 100,000 APH tokens as part of its efforts to promote its Aphelion desktop wallet that can hold NEO, GAS and NEP-5 tokens. In future, the wallet will integrate with Aphelion’s Decentralized Exchange Asset Ledger technology for peer to peer smart contract and wallet-based trading.

Aphelion will give away 1000 APH tokens to 100 different winners, selected at random. The selected winners will be announced on Aphelion’s blog, Telegram and social networks.

To participate in Aphelion’s giveaway, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the Aphelion desktop wallet found here.
  • Join and remain a member of three of these Aphelion communities on Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube.
  • Post a comment of your wallet experience and feedback across Aphelion’s communities above. Screenshots or videos are welcomed.

Further details about Aphelion’s wallet and the progress of its decentralized exchange can be read here.