Alphacat, a robot-adviser marketplace based on AI and big data, has released its mid-month progress report for April. The report summarized Alphacat’s progress in its branding and community efforts, product development, and its ACAT prediction engine.

Alphacat’s first product to use its ACAT prediction engine is the BTC Daily Forecasting platform, which has undergone some small-scale testing. During its testing period, Alphacat improved the accuracy for predicting the price of Bitcoin. In future, the engine will also predict the price of ETH, NEO, and EOS, with the release of a beta version scheduled for between May to July.

Other news for Alphacat’s development includes an update to its whitepaper. Version 1.5.0 was published on the Alphacat website and provides an introduction to Alphacat, along with a new version of its roadmap. The new roadmap clarifies the timeline of development for each product and also refines the development roadmap for each product category.

Along with updates to its roadmap and whitepaper, Alphacat published a guide on adding ACAT tokens to a NEO wallet. The guide provides detailed instructions for adding and viewing ACAT tokens on any compatible NEP-5 supported wallets, including wallets from O3, Neon, Morpheus, and OTCGO.

The ACAT token listing date on the HitBTC exchange was delayed, although it’s still in progress. The exact date of the listing will be announced upon receiving HitBTC’s confirmation, and there are more exchanges in negotiation. Alphacat will announce further status updates as they become available.

Alphacat also added a new team member, Dr. Liang Li, a global fintech expert, as director of its U.S laboratory. Dr. Liang Li will focus on the R&D of Alphacat’s core financial engines, including its AI prediction engines, big data analysis, and other related technologies.

Finally, the initial design draft of Alphacat’s store was completed. As part of its design phase, the Alphacat team invited its community to vote on the design of its Alphacat store, and they are working through the results. The team will focus on improving the look and UX of the store, making buying products intuitive and hassle free. Alphacat will make a further announcement once the store page goes live.

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