Concierge, a travel booking marketplace, has posted an update for its token sale that ran from the 31st of March to the 21st of April. The update included a correction for its distribution of CGE tokens, aligning the sale with the token distribution model in its whitepaper.

At the conclusion of Concierge’s token sale, it minted a total of 61,571,086 CGE tokens and raised 34,363 NEO. The tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • Public Distributed: 40,021,205.9 CGE
  • Team & Advisors: 9,235,662.9 CGE
  • Future Development: 12,314,217.2 CGE

A total of 13,450,119.9 CGE tokens that were allocated to Team & Advisors and for Future Development will now be publicly distributed. The tokens will be released over a period of time, and the Concierge community can vote for how they are spent to support the Concierge ecosystem.

Some ideas for the use of these tokens are as follows:

  • Airdrops
  • Community competitions
  • CGE Merchandise
  • Rewards for using the platform
  • Discounts on CGE payment lists etc.

Follow Concierge’s Telegram channel for future announcements on its token sale and other updates.

Concierge is creating an online booking marketplace using the NEO decentralized engine and blockchain. With the CGE booking ledger forming the core of its ecosystem, travellers and merchants are offered direct dealing with 0% commission and claims to be 45% cheaper than its competitors.

Users can view and apply to rent apartments and properties anywhere in the world, paying with both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Concierge’s bookings are also instant across its platform, and offers an integration toolkit for third-party applications and advertisers. At present, the platform allows users to browse properties located in Vietnam and Concierge plans to add more locations in future.

More information on Concierge can be found at the links below.