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The Aphelion project, who is developing NEO wallet software with an integrated decentralized exchange (DEX), has updated its desktop software to v3.0.7 and added the following markets to its wallet-based DEX:

  • Asura Coin: ASA/NEO, ASA/GAS
  • Travala: AVA/NEO, AVA/GAS
  • Apex: CPX/NEO, CPX/GAS
  • Bridge Protocol: TOLL/NEO, TOLL/GAS
  • Effect.AI: EFX/NEO, EFX/GAS

DEX trading is currently available through Aphelion’s desktop wallet software. DEX functions will be added at a later date to Aphelion’s iOS, Android, and web-based wallets.

v3.0.7 Improvements

Aphelion has addressed a variety of smaller enhancements to its DEX interface. The most notable improvements are as follows: tweaks to the way UXTO transactions are handled for NEO and GAS assets; refinements to withdrawals and deposits on the DEX smart contract; a new backend API for the market statistics; and UI improvements, with additional tooltips and help documentation.

Full announcements of the DEX update and asset listings can be found at the following links:

More information on the Aphelion project may be found through the links below.