NEO Global Development has announced the addition of KPN as a consensus node on the NEO MainNet. KPN is a Dutch telecom company that offers landline phone service, cellular phone service, and internet access to over 30 million customers across Western Europe. KPN joins global NEO development group City of Zion as an independent consensus node operator on NEO’s MainNet.

MainNet consensus nodes

KPN’s addition represents an increase in decentralization for the NEO blockchain, as 5 of 7 MainNet consensus nodes are currently controlled by NEO Foundation. In the summer of 2018, NEO Foundation started to delegate its consensus nodes to selected partners after a trial period. Another possible addition to the NEO MainNet in the coming months is Switzerland’s largest telecom provider, Swisscom, who is currently running a TestNet consensus node.

NEO Global Development has stated that “NEO is scheduled to fully democratize the election of consensus nodes” in 2019. Under this plan, NEO holders will be able to vote to elect consensus nodes through their wallet software.

According to NEO Global Development, KPN has “maintained stable operation” on the NEO TestNet “that has been widely acknowledged by the community. Therefore NEO Foundation determined to complete the MainNet election 3 months ahead of schedule.”

NEO Global Development’s announcement can be read in full at the following link: