Asura World, a NEO based e-sports gaming community and betting project, has announced an airdrop of SOUL tokens to ASA token holders. The airdrop commemorates the partnership with Phantasma that was announced on January 1st, which aims to “empower both companies to grow in users and adoption of [their] platforms.”

A total of 30,000 SOUL will be airdropped to the top 100 ASA token holders, with each address receiving 300 SOUL.

Registration for the airdrop event is compulsory to receive the tokens. A registration form will be available in Asura World’s Telegram group from January 12th on a first come first served basis.

Instructions for how to participate in the airdrop were also provided. Users will be required to fill out the form and provide their Telegram username and NEO wallet address that holds their ASA tokens. SOUL tokens will be delivered to the NEO address after Asura World completes its airdrop audit.

To check which addresses qualify to receive SOUL, a snapshot of the NEO blockchain will be completed on the day an individual’s application is received. It is therefore recommended to ensure the tokens are present in the wallet at least 24 hours before submitting an application. Asura World notes that it can take some time for nodes to sync with the entire blockchain, which could cause delays in refreshing a wallet’s token balance.

To receive the tokens, Asura World recommends the Aphelion, O3, and NEON wallets.

Exchange wallets are ineligible to receive SOUL, and are not compatible for use in airdrop events.

The full announcement can be found at the below link: