O3 Labs recently released an article highlighting achievements made in 2018 and a roadmap for 2019. Beyond improving its current mobile and desktop wallets, the team will seek to strengthen the O3 ecosystem through better dApp integration and improving general stability.

Features O3 Labs has stated are “coming very soon” include:

  • a NEO fiat gateway
  • O3 swaps that will allow users to buy NEO/ONT with other cryptocurrencies within O3
  • Ontology staking
  • Automatic addition of Ontology’s OEP4 and OEP8 token standards

Following the completion of these features, O3 Labs will begin to make infrastructural improvements. Such improvements include establishing simple and easy ways for developers to connect their website and dApps to O3. In its article, O3 Labs states “we made a good start on the foundation for this in 2018 (the O3 dAPI).” Once the O3 dAPI is further along, the team will work on redesigning the integration of its apps and external apps “for an even smoother experience and more use cases.”

Ultimately, O3 Labs wants to make its platform more usable, and to increase its active user base “outside of the current crypto sphere.” O3 Labs believes the following order of processes is necessary to bring in new users with little experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry:

  1. Onboard new users and allow them to purchase NEO with fiat or other cryptocurrencies
  2. Switch NEO for other tokens and currencies as needed
  3. Spend tokens and currencies held within the O3 Wallet on any available dApp

If users have any questions, comments, or remarks they can reach out to the O3 community in the following link: