Asura World, an e-sports betting and content platform building on the NEO blockchain, recently collected questions from its community for a June Q&A. Participants had one week to submit their questions to the team, which were subsequently answered in a Medium post. 


The first question addressed was regarding the initial use case scenarios of Asura World’s ASA token. In response, the team said that its “primary goal is to drive traffic to websites within the ASA Network,” with being a focal destination. Competitions were noted to be the first use case of the token, with marketing campaigns claimed to be launched within two to six months.

The team also stated that it will release its marketing plan once development for is complete.

Users also raised questions regarding underaged gambling and how Asura World intends to “prevent potential addiction and underage usage.” The platforms’s approach towards excessive betting habits was also queried.

Asura World said that “As adult gamers, the Asura team understand the serious implications of problem gambling,” and stated that it would comply with all appropriate gambling laws and regulations. This compliance will reportedly include KYC registration as well as IP blocking certain regions from using the platform.

Asura World also noted that a hard cap for betting will be assigned to new users, along with temporary account suspensions if the team believes that an individual is betting excessively.


On the topic of financial health, Asura World reported that its most recent attempt at securing funds was unsuccessful due to “unfavorable” contract terms that would relinquished control of the company. Despite this setback, the team claims to have recruited two angel investors who will assist in the next round of investment negotiations.

Asura World also gave an update for its unsold tokens and potential exchange listings. The unsold tokens are said to be “locked for 12 months to 24 months,” after which the tokens will be added the platform’s betting reserve and growth fund to help expand its reach.

On the subject of exchange listings, Asura World stated that it could not give definite listing dates despite reportedly being “something we have listed on our calendars.” The priority for Asura World is said to develop a proper use case first before expanding into additional exchanges.

Signing off, the team said that a company report highlighting progress from the past two months will be released in the coming weeks.

The full Q&A can be found at the link below: