BlaCat has published two weekly progress reports that cover the progress its team has made towards its main application and ZoroChain. The report dated October 22nd can be read here, and the latest edition, which was published on October 29th, is available here.

The reports highlighted the work done over the previous weeks as well as detailing their plans moving forward.

Over the last two weeks, the team completed numerous items on the development plan for its BlaCat application. These include: the logo design of its BlaCat BCP tokens, the exchange user interface, mapping of the wallet recharge function, design of the ‘Find’ web page, and the wallet token purchase functionality.

BlaCat also gave some details for the work in progress. The team will finish the transaction logic of the exchange, which when launched, will allow users to trade virtual gaming assets. Other work includes bug fixing, background development and coupon event design.

In addition to the work on the BlaCat platform, some progress was also made towards ZoroChain, a high-performance NEO sidechain that aims to allow real-time gaming on the blockchain. Numerous tests were completed on ZoroChain, along with the completion of cross-chain functionality and the addition of BlaCat’s Android SDK implementation. The team also managed to resolve issues related to block synchronization.

The next steps for ZoroChain’s development include adding a log functionality to its CLI network communication layer, which will help identify and document communication problems to assist with bug fixing. Other stress tests are also in the works, designed to help with the application chain’s congestion and scalability.

A Unity version of the BlaCat wallet for Android devices is planned along with the ability to make cross-chain transactions and improve cross-chain communications.