In a recent post authored by Fabio C. Canesin, City of Zion (CoZ) announced Chris ‘metachris’ Hager as the newest member of the CoZ Council. Chris is a highly regarded member of CoZ, known for his core contributions to multiple projects including neo-python, of which he was the former maintainer.

Chris was elected to the Council two months ago, and has replaced Canesin in the role. Moving forward, Canesin will continue to work behind the scenes in the newly created City of Zion Foundation. The neo-python maintainer role will be taken over by Erik van den Brink.

The creation of the City of Zion Foundation is intended to provide guidance and leadership to the development community until such a time where the trustless, ownerless structure becomes compatible with the world.

The CoZ Foundation is registered in the Isle of Man, and is currently applying for a Designated Business Act license which will allow them to hire a dedicated team to focus on development and support of the smart economy.

The post also outlined the rules surrounding the process of replacing CoZ Council Members, who begin as contributors and then project maintainers:

  1. When leaving their seat on the Council, the member will suggest three community members to replace them. The leaving member must guarantee that the candidates have agreed to be appointed.
  2. Remaining Council members vote within 7 days. The vote is ranked and a candidate must achieve a majority.
  3. If no candidate achieves a majority, the leaving Council member must submit a new candidate list.
  4. After a candidate is elected, a two month period will follow where both the leaving members and their replacement are on the Council.

Two additional CoZ Council elections are also in motion, with replacements being sought for members totalvamp (10/14/2018) and afong (12/13/2018). It has been noted that full renewal of the Council seats will take 18 months, and two Council spots will not have replacements. This will reduce the total number of CoZ Council members from 9 to 7. This decision was made after considering the workloads of Council members and the financial health of the CoZ community.

The full post can be found at the following link:

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